The name Alec Kaplan and Son has been synonymous with the coin business since the late Dr Alec Kaplan formed the company in 1948. In 1949 he published the first coin catalogue of the coins of South Africa. This enabled all South African coin collectors to have an idea of what their coins were worth. My late father Stanley Kaplan joined my grandfather in the firm in 1952. Alec died in 1964 and Stanley moved the business to his home. The business was run part time as Stanley had a dental practice.

Leaders in Coin Auctions

I joined the company in 1974. The business was now run full time from a retail shop in Johannesburg.

I have moved the business twice since then.

We hold public auctions of coins, military medals , badges and books four times a year.

I offer coins, military medals , badges and books at a fixed price on this website.

I became a partner in the South African numismatic grading service in 2012. This is the 1st time that South Africans can get their coins graded locally. We offer this service with greater integrity than any other service. If a coin is polished or scratched to the point where it cannot be graded we return the coin no charge.

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